Personalized Pikabook “Fox”

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Quiet book for babies & toddlers "Fox" is specially made for 1-5 years old toddlers who are just discovering the world. We can Personalize it with your Kid name on the cover! There are two options for purchase: custom name on cover or without. Please pick your option before putting this Quiet Book to the cart. 

The book is full of fun activities: animals, pizza, trees, pockets, zippers, buttons and many more. Your Little one will learn colors, numbers, sorting, matching, how to feed animals and many more life practical skills. Our handmade quiet book Pikabook will keep little ones busy for hours while exploring and playing with each page. It is great for their development, motor skills, and learning.

Size 8.5 x 8.5 inch

For children from 1 year old.
ATTENTION!!! It contains small details, play ONLY under the supervision of adults.

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