Pikabook Little Bee

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This Pikabook is great for development of cognitive, sensory and fine motor skills, attention, memory and Child's speech.

How to play?

1. Play "hide and seek" with Little bee: put the bee on a flower, on grass, on a tree branch, hide the bee behind a bush. 
2. Ladybugs. Look at the ladybirds, count all the black dots on their wings, and help each ladybug find its matching color petal.
3. Chicken. Ask your Child show Chicken's wings, eyes, beak, comb. Who is hiding under Chicken's wings? Count the chicks.
4. Day and night. Tell your child what's going on on sky during the day and at night. Play "Hide and Seek" with a big cloud: put the sun, cloud and moon in a row, ask your Child to close his eyes, hide any object behind a large cloud. When Child opens his eyes, ask him to guess what is hidden behind the cloud?

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