Quiet Book Interactive Sensory PikaBooK for Girls

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Handmade Organic Quiet Book for Boys and Girls, Busy Book, Sensory play book, Best First Birthday Gift for Baby - 8 pages. This toy perfect for homeschool and travel, in long car rides, airplane trips, doctors visits. Children are constantly looking, listening, and touching things in their surroundings. They love colors, shapes, textures, and gadgets of all sorts and sizes. Our PikaBook contains all of these elements-and so much more!

What exactly is a quiet book? It’s a type of busy book that keeps little hands moving, and minds engrossed and engaged. And, no “reading” is actually involved. Composed of soft cloth; each page in the eco-friendly book contains a learning activity, making it one awesome educational toy. Each page is soft, felt objects designed with zipper features, buttons, so your child can develop their sorting skills, visual and special relationships, and fine motor skills while remaining quiet and imaginative; all at the same time virtually making it a sought after educational toy.

This activity book helps build a child’s knowledge of the world around them. They learn all about colors, shapes, matching, and develop cause and effect relationships.

Pikabook is made of environmentally friendly organic materials: cotton and felt.


Size 8.5 x 8.5 inch

For children from 1 year old.
ATTENTION!!! Contains small details, play ONLY under the supervision of adults.

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